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[DONE]Sparta duel cup #5 written by Puffdar, 2013-06-20 22:32 CEST (0 comments)

Name: Sparta DUEL cup #5
Game: Warsow 1.03
Time: 15:00 CET, 30 June 2013
Gametype: DUEL
Format: Double elimination bracket
Signup/Check-in: Signups end and check-in ends at 14:59
Maps: wdm2 | wdm5 | wdm11 | wdm14 | wdm17
Servers: ams/crizis/french servers
Streaming: Jehar @ http://www.twitch.tv/tastyspleentv [twitch.tv]
WSW TV: Sparta TV
IRC: #spartacup @ Quakenet

Cash prize : 50 euros for the winner

Hello le everyone, its been a long time... but finally your favorite gentlemen cup strikes again !
(blame the finnish people and their alcoholic festivities...)

I hope a maximum people will sign this cup and dont count on me to infantilise u with childish rules.

We are gentlemen.
We play together for years.
We make our own rules.

And the most important... we love dramas.


Cup report:

5-6 crizis-Tio
7-8 fragstealer-liquid


Winners' Final Puffdar -vs- KeRpaL [esreality.com]
Loosers' Final JWZR -vs- Puffdar [esreality.com]
Grand Final JWZR -vs- KeRpaL [esreality.com]


HERE [twitch.tv]

and last map here [twitch.tv]

everything went well, the stream was classy and the games were dramatics =)

cu for the next
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