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[DONE]Sparta JP duel cup #1 written by Puffdar, 2013-08-06 22:39 CEST (0 comments)

Name: Sparta JP duel cup #1
Game: Warsow 1.03
Time: 21:00 JST, 17 August 2013 (14.00CEST)
Gametype: DUEL
Format: Double elimination bracket
Signup/Check-in: Signups end @ 20.59 / checkins start at 20.30
Maps: wdm2 | wdm5 | wdm6 | wdm11 | wdm12
Servers: Japanese servers
Streaming: Falcky and his fidel assistant Puffdar @ http://www.twitch.tv/puffdar [twitch.tv]
WSW TV: eventually
IRC: #warsow (irc.friend-chat.jp)

Cash prize :

1st : 10.000 yens Amazon gift coupon
2th : alienwareXj!ns gaming glasses

Hello, when we start talking about fierce, badass, educated, classy community... 2 words come in mind = WARSOW JAPAN !

The spartacup staff has indeed decided to vary his target market and will offer a nice duel cup to our friendly and discrete japanese community !

Falcky and his fidele servant (le me) will stream this cup (14.00CEST). Make sure to watch it if u are curious about our japanese talents !


Cup report:

1. nasa (10.000yens amazon coupon)
2. Kassan (alienwarexjinx gaming glasses)
3. overcaster
4. adem
5-6. radexql & muta

Cut highlights:


Quarters WB Kassan vs Profanum [twitch.tv]
Semis WB adem vs overcaster [twitch.tv]
Semis WB nasa vs Kassan [twitch.tv]
Final WB nasa vs overcaster [twitch.tv]


2th round LB AKIMBOsan vs Profanum [twitch.tv]
4th round LB radex vs Kassan [twitch.tv]
5th round LB adem vs Kassan [twitch.tv]
Final LB overcaster vs Kassan part1 [twitch.tv]
Final LB overcaster vs Kassan part2 [twitch.tv]

Grand Final:

Grand Final - nasa vs Kassan [twitch.tv]

demopack : here [mega.co.nz]

Thanks to Falcky for le cast !

[DONE]Sparta CA orgy #1 written by Puffdar, 2013-08-04 22:41 CEST (0 comments)

Name: Sparta CA orgy #1
Game: Warsow 1.03
Time: 15:00 CEST, 11 august 2013
Gametype: CA
Format: single match BO7, RL 21, unlimited ammo, 32 to 128 players
Signup/Check-in: pass given on #spartacup channel at 15.00 CEST, everyone is welcome
Maps: whatsparadigmb4 | corp | befca1_beta_056 | inkfinal | cwm4 | biwfinal | babyimstiffbeta2
Servers: ams cup
WSW TV: Sparta TV
IRC: #spartacup @ Quakenet

Hello le everyone, I decided to propose u something never done before for this sunday.


The concept is simple : show up before 15.00 CEST this sunday, IP & PASS will be given to you.

once on the server Puffdar (le me) & crizis will pick players one by one.
Format will be bo7, round limit 21, unlimited ammo.
Please only start playing if u can handle 2 hours of CA madness.

Please spread the word to all players u cross this week, I wanna see a maximum of peepz.

Cannot wait to see wich army will win !


The cup is done and it was quite exhausting and fun !

crizis team won thanks to discipline ! and Puff's army started to disapear :<

team crizis 3 - 0 team puff

corp 11-9
cwl4 11-6
cloudninea2 11-4

screennshots :

http://www.foopics.com/showfull/bacddf03b1017d0b5e9e5dcc77b6adc1 [foopics.com]

http://www.foopics.com/showfull/1e1542defd645099913874ddc2e772e6 [foopics.com]

http://www.foopics.com/showfull/6c6e972f5f4d932e9dcbab6dc4d3ac2b [foopics.com]

demopack :

http://www.sendspace.com/file/pfhb5y [sendspace.com]

GG !

[DONE]Sparta duel cup #6 written by Puffdar, 2013-07-14 05:03 CEST (0 comments)

Name: Sparta DUEL cup #6
Game: Warsow 1.03
Time: 15:00 CEST, 28 July 2013
Gametype: DUEL
Format: Double elimination bracket
Signup/Check-in: Signups end and check-in ends at 14:59
Maps: wdm2 | wdm5 | wdm6 | wdm11 | wdm12
Servers: ams/crizis/french servers
Streaming: Premon @ http://www.twitch.tv/premon [twitch.tv]
WSW TV: Sparta TV
IRC: #spartacup @ Quakenet

Cash prize : 50 euros for the winner

People had a long time to vote and now the second democratic cup appear.

I hope to see a lot of players :')

and drama.


Cup report:

5-6 adem-overactive
7-8 liquid-falcky


The whole VOD:

http://www.twitch.tv/premon/b/437193793 [twitch.tv]

Cut highlights:


WB Semifinal - KeRpaL vs Overactive [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]
WB Semifinal - jwzr vs Puffdar [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]
WB Final - KeRpaL vs Puffdar [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]


LB Quarterfinal - jwzr vs adem [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]
LB Semifinal - crizis vs jwzr [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]
LB Final - Puffdar vs jwzr [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]

Grand Final:

Grand Final - Kerpal vs jwzr [twitch.tv] or YouTube [youtube.com]

Thanks to premon for the stream !


Demo pack (11 MB) [mediafire.com]:

1st semi: overactive vs kerpal
2nd semi: puffdar vs jwzr
upper final: kerpal vs puffdar
lower final: puffdar vs jwzr
grand final: kerpal vs jwzr

Thanks to adem for collecting the demos !

we missed our brasilian score reporter but it went ok, even if tourney.cc made me sweat a little bit :p
Thanks to everyone for playing it.
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